Month: December 2020

Importance of a Happy Sex Life

“How is your sex life?” This is a question no one wants to answer, especially for a wife who doesn’t always publicly undress in front of her husband. According to Bauce Mag, there are many ways to maintain a healthy sex life even in the middle of this pandemic.” But did you know that a healthy lifestyle can be the key to a happy sex life? The better you feel, the more likely you will be fit enough for sex; that it seemed evident and normal.


coupleAlong with one spouse’s denial of sex, that must lead to the other’s dissatisfaction, and the marriage must also inevitably dissolve or become something else. Friendship, for example. It doesn’t. A wedding is still a sacrament, no matter what goes on behind its veils, no matter what sketches are shoved in the closet.

Even so, for the well-being of both in a couple, a mutually pleasing physical bond is more important than