Month: May 2021

Perfect Sex Life: How Visual Stimulation Affects our Brain

Maybe you’ve been in a failed relationship before? Have you often felt that your partner doesn’t “get you”? There is also a common misunderstanding that men crave sex rather than women. This is utterly false, and I will explain it scientifically in this article. And as for the “lack of communication”, it’s not that there isn’t enough communication. It’s that men and women don’t know how their brains work. I’m going to simplify neuroscience so that you understand how your brain works, how your partner’s mind works, and how you can use that knowledge to improve your relationships. You can also read kingperv for more information to develop your sexual life.

Male and Female Brains

sexOne of the things about our minds is that the left and the right side work differently. The rest of the brain is very mechanical, exceptionally task-oriented, very strategic, quite mathematical, linear. This is NOT to say that women can’t be tactical and mathematical and