Three Sex Ideas To Keep Long-Distance Relationships Spicy

Long-distance relationships have many challenges. Perhaps the biggest downside of being apart from your partner, aside from not seeing each other, is the absence of sexual intimacy. But just because you cannot physically have sex together does not mean you have to reserve every desire for those moments when you are back in the same bed. As shared by we-vibe, sexual chemistry is more important than ever when you and your partner are in a long-distance relationship. This article will share some helpful tips on maintaining sexual intimacy regardless of being apart.

Play Together With Sex Toys

SEX TOYThere are many friendly sex toys available for couples in long-distance relationships. These products allow you to control your partner’s toy settings without being in the same room. Or maybe you use a simulation of oral sex, like the Womanizer, while pretending your partner gives you an ugly blow to put the fantasy into an IRL state.

You and your partner may also use toys together at the same time while talking dirty on the phone or even by sexting.

Sending Each Other With Naughty Photos or Videos

female escort serviceAmazing nude photos or videos (as part of a dedicated effort) are a great way to keep the sexual passion burning and let your partner know you’re thinking about him/her all day long. However, be considerate when sending these videos and photos, as your partner may not need to be awakened when the family is around.

Wear Bond-Touch Bracelets

Occasionally, you may want to touch your partner to obtain a means by which he/she can understand that you are considering them at a certain time. You can – with a touch or two or three fingers. Bond-Touch bracelets allow you and your partner to synchronize dresses and communicate messages through your unique language.

It works in such a way that the threads are linked together, while when one partner raises his finger, he believes that another partner is tapping, no matter where in the world he is (assuming that cell phones or WiFi are available). For example, you and your partner can choose that one tap on the bracelet means you are warm, two taps that you want to be in bed together, and three taps that you are in bed together.