Perfect Sex Life: How Visual Stimulation Affects our Brain

Perfect Sex Life: How Visual Stimulation Affects our Brain

Maybe you’ve been in a failed relationship before? Have you often felt that your partner doesn’t “get you”? There is also a common misunderstanding that men crave sex rather than women. This is utterly false, and I will explain it scientifically in this article. And as for the “lack of communication”, it’s not that there isn’t enough communication. It’s that men and women don’t know how their brains work. I’m going to simplify neuroscience so that you understand how your brain works, how your partner’s mind works, and how you can use that knowledge to improve your relationships. You can also read kingperv for more information to develop your sexual life.

Male and Female Brains

sexOne of the things about our minds is that the left and the right side work differently. The rest of the brain is very mechanical, exceptionally task-oriented, very strategic, quite mathematical, linear. This is NOT to say that women can’t be tactical and mathematical and linear, even though these traits are very masculine.


After getting into perfect thinking, things get a little more intriguing. The perfect thought is much more sensual; it’s more imaginative. It’s psychological. It’s passionate. It’s usually what we call the “feminine” head. Men can also be enthusiastic and sensual, but these are more feminine traits. Serotonin is a perfect neurotransmitter in the brain, the crucial thing is: you can’t raise your dopamine levels; serotonin rises out of the box. It increases with positive feedback from our closest confidants, our work, and our surroundings. This is crucial to note because serotonin boost dopamine levels.


Therefore, the further positive feedback we obtain from outer circumstances in the form of compliments and thanks, the more willing we are to sustain engagement in the venture that elicited the compliments. Your partner, under the circumstances of your relationship, increases YOUR dopamine levels. Therefore, you receive positive feedback from your partner, which increases your dopamine levels, which in turn increases your dopamine levels. Although women tend to be more able-bodied by nature, men have 50% more nitric oxide than women. What exactly does this mean in the context of relationships?

The Dance of Serotonin and Dopamine

A handy illustration of this serotonin and dopamine dance: I get a lot of positive feedback (dopamine) in my medical practice because patients tell me what a difference I’ve made in their lives. I have athletes setting new records, women who say their insecurities are gone, and they weren’t as optimistic and happy. It makes me want to commit to a better doctor and keep working. Sometimes it’s a neuroutopia because my efforts and results align.

Regular Sex Life

This section is where it’s a bit of a treat. The main reason I tell you this is because you can’t have a dialogue about an epic, mythical relationship without talking about sex, right? I mean, you can see what happens when someone engages in sexual activity. This is both the left and the right sides. So, creativity, strategy, openness, and all of these things turn on. You’re able to ensure more energy, more productivity, more of everything when you have a regular sex life. When a girl feels warm and adored and cared for and admired, she will enjoy that sex like the creature she is because she wants to locate that serotonergic burst in her head, and she will be invited to be the perfect partner. 

Future Reference

Whether you are just dating, or you are in a momentary or ten-year relationship, remember that the dopamine-dopamine connection in addition to the differences between men and women. The women around you, whether it’s your partner or your co-worker, want to do more positive reinforcement than the men around you; they should feel honored.